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Using a handsfree device with your mobile phone can provide a great benefit where you can keep your hands free for work or driving as you simultaneously take your calls or listen to music. We are handsfree headphone wholesalers in Mumbai, India. Handsfree option is provided by the Bluetooth technology. There are various types of handsfree devices like headsets, car kits, speakerphones and music speakers. We are mobile handsfree manufacturers in India.

These devices are usually light, portable and easy to use except for the desktop models. You can connect any mobile phone that is Bluetooth enabled to these devices and enjoy the handsfree option. There are basic models and also the high end ones that provide good sound quality and have options like water and dust resistance. We provide the best wholesale mobile handsfree price in Mumbai. Some of the latest models also have facilities like the GPS navigation app.

There are some devices that can incorporate voice commands as well. We are manufacturers and suppliers of mobile handsfree in India. We deal in various designs of handsfree devices and provide lowest bulk mobile handsfree wholesale price in India.