iPad Keyboard

A variety of keyboards can be used with iPads. There are some varieties that can be used separately while some can be attached to the iPad. A stand-alone or the desktop keyboard can be connected to the iPad. You can use the computer as a PC. The overlay keyboards fit in to the soft keyboard of the iPad screen and give a different feel. There are folio case and clamshell keyboards that get attached to the iPad and can be carried with the iPad.

Similarly there are keyboards that fit in on the front or back of the iPad and cover it up. Keyboards occur in various brands, varieties, sizes and prices. You can check the compatibility of your iPad model with the keyboard.

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iPad Smart Cover

Smart covers occur in two varieties for two different versions for iPads. These are one of the most popular accessories for iPads. Smart cover appears to be convenient as it can be rolled up at the corners into a viewing or typing stand while the cover remains attached to the iPad by means of a hinge. The latest version is slightly modified in terms of number of corners. Smart cover is made up of polyurethane and occurs in different colors. The viewing angle for the iPad in case of both the versions is similar. Smart case is a cover that is similar to Smart cover with some differences. Smart cover offers protection to the iPad as well the ease to use it.

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iPad Sleeves

iPad sleeves are specially designed covers for iPads. These sleeves occur in various designs. They may be simple slide-in bags which cover the iPad or they may protect the iPad in another bag like case which may be a messenger bag or a bag pack. The sleeves may have zips or flaps for closures. Sleeves are made of various materials like cloth, leather, rubber and even natural bamboo.

Some occur with a magnetic cover for closure. Sleeves of good quality also have a padding that protects the iPad. The only drawback in using a sleeve is that you need to take the iPad out of the sleeve to use it, just like you do it in the folio case.
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