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Mobile phones have become the extreme necessity even while traveling outdoors. The ingenious features and advanced technology compatible power bank helps you to easily charge your phone in the outdoor or in case of emergencies. Comfortable structure and portable features make it easy to carry everywhere. The product is light weighted and thus occupies very less space.  The power bank is made with the high-quality material which provides an excellent output.


The USB data cable provided with the power bank is highly compatible with various phones and does sustain for a longer period of time. The power bank with mobile stand is a feasible option even for gadgets like I-pods and tablet phones. In minimum time consumption, the battery of the power bank is easily rechargeable and ready to be used again. In the best feasible prices, different color options  provided. The outer appeal of the same is truly charismatic and eye appealing.


Credit card power banks : The business or personal life seems incomplete without electronic gadgets or mobile stands. The Credit Card power bank does keeps you moving even while traveling. You can easily plug and play whenever you are out of charge. The credit card power bank has the ingenious features of the rechargeable battery. The inbuilt micro USB Cable does easily allow charging our phone. The product is compatible with all the latest styles of gadgets and smartphones. We are wholesalers, supplier, dealers of card shaped power bank and wireless chargers in India.

Made with the latest technology and high quality of materials, a product does wonder in over voltage protection and short circuit protection. Right from the standard to variant colored power bank is easily available on the online stores. The high-quality finish in the exteriors truly makes it more stylish and worth a buy. Even though the product is small in size, it can efficiently run for hours. As the power bank is used by all age groups, the credit card power bank can be a perfect gifting option.


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Mobile Flip Cover

The flip covers for mobile phones occur in exciting varieties. They can be made up of plastic, leather or any other synthetic material. A flip cover holds your mobile phone on a secure base with a top cover that can be flipped horizontally or vertically to see the display screen. Flip covers protect your display screen from external damage and dust and also save the trouble of inserting and removing the mobile phone as in the closed covers. We provide mobile cover at wholesale prices in Mumbai.
Some varieties of flip covers have a play through design where you can take the calls with the cover open or closed. Certain designs help you view the incoming calls and messages through a display slit. We are mobile phone cover manufacturers in India.

Flip covers are specific to the brand and model of your cell phone. You can buy them in various colors and designs. There are bright funky designs as well as simple ones too. We are mobile cover wholesalers in India and provide latest designs of mobile flip covers.

mobile handsfree

Using a handsfree device with your mobile phone can provide a great benefit where you can keep your hands free for work or driving as you simultaneously take your calls or listen to music. We are handsfree headphone wholesalers in Mumbai, India. Handsfree option is provided by the Bluetooth technology. There are various types of handsfree devices like headsets, car kits, speakerphones and music speakers. We are mobile handsfree manufacturers in India.

These devices are usually light, portable and easy to use except for the desktop models. You can connect any mobile phone that is Bluetooth enabled to these devices and enjoy the handsfree option. There are basic models and also the high end ones that provide good sound quality and have options like water and dust resistance. We provide the best wholesale mobile handsfree price in Mumbai. Some of the latest models also have facilities like the GPS navigation app.

There are some devices that can incorporate voice commands as well. We are manufacturers and suppliers of mobile handsfree in India. We deal in various designs of handsfree devices and provide lowest bulk mobile handsfree wholesale price in India.