Micro USB Cable

Micro USB constitutes the smallest type of USB connection with the sub types being USB Micro-A and USB Micro-B. There are USB 3.0 variations of both the types within the Micro USB standard. The A and B type cannot be interchanged physically and the Micro USB cable needs to match the connection type of the device too. The Micro USB cables show an equal performance as the standard USB cables and are a great option when the larger ports are not feasible.

The USB Micro-B cable is usually used in cell phones and smaller electronic devices. The Micro-B connectors and the ports exhibit tapering corners like a half hexagon. The USB Micro-A are preferred for the On the Go devices. These ports have a rectangular shape.

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USB Extension Cable

USB cables are commonly used to connect consumer electronics items like speakers, printers and mobiles to the personal computer. USB extension cables provide additional connection between 2 devices that are separated by a distance of more than 16 feet. When using extension cables, it is better to ensure that the cables have considerable length and there are less number of cables to avoid interference. For version 2.0, the USB cables function at or under a length of 5 meters or around 16 feet. Accordingly you need to select extension cables. The version 2.0 cables have a double shielding technology that blocks out the interference signals from other device and protects high speed data transfer. Most of the devices require Type A USB connection.

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Auxiliary Cables

You can use an auxiliary cable to connect your smartphone, iPhone or iPod to a device that supports an auxiliary input. You can use the auxiliary cable at home or even in your car. You can connect it to device like stereo systems or portable speakers that have an auxiliary plug. Some brands offer auxiliary cables that reduce noise. The auxiliary cables have a diameter of roughly 3.5 mm and you can use ones with a retractable enclosure to adjust the length.


The auxiliary cable offers the greatest advantage in case of car stereos. Smartphones and iPads can carry huge amount of music files. Most of the new car models have an aux port. An auxiliary cable is readily available in the market and is not expensive. You can easily connect your phone to the stereo and enjoy the music.


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