Samsung Mobile Battery

Samsung offers a wide range of mobile phone batteries. Though most of them are Lithium batteries, there are other types too. Every battery is compatible with specific models of Samsung mobile phones. You need to select the battery based on the compatibility and certain specifications. You need to look into the capacity of the battery, the Talk time, Standby time and if this entire works well for the cell phone model that you are using. Every battery also has a specific warranty period. The capacities range from 500 mAh in the low-end batteries to about 2600 mAh in the batteries meant for Galaxy S4. The ideal Samsung battery that suits your mobile is also compatible with the charger and car charger.

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Mobile Batteries

The battery of your mobile phone is the most significant part that keeps your phone in a working condition. Mobile phones and smartphones today commonly use the Lithium Ion batteries that are rechargeable and do not need to be discharged. They are supposed to have an excellent power to weight ratio and hence do not get worn out easily. The selection of a battery depends on the specifications of the cell phone and capacity of the battery. You need to follow the instructions for charging your mobile as specified for the model. You must also ensure that you replace the battery as soon as it shows signs of wearing out. A damaged battery can damage the mobile phone as well. Continuous use of apps and keeping the display on for longer durations can drain the battery and it needs to be recharged often.

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Screen Guard and Mobile Screen Guard

A cell phone involves a considerable cost and hence needs proper care. The screen being the delicate part needs protection from dust and external damage. Hence a screen protector is essential. There are several types of screen protectors. The basic ones are simple and transparent. There are screen guards that have a matte finish to reduce the screen glare. Some screen protectors act as mirrors when the cell phone is off. The screen protectors that block screen view at certain angles help to protect privacy. These are a bit thicker than the usual ones. You can get screen guards customized as per the desired thickness of the film and the size of your screen. Universal screen protectors are also available for the less common cell phones.

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