Mobile Pouches

Mobile pouch is a mobile cover and carry case that is ready made or can be made to order. A pouch is compact, easy to carry and protects the mobile phone. However, when using a pouch, you need to place the mobile in and out of the pouch every time you use it. Mobile pouches can be used by ladies and gents depending on the material they are made from. Pouches can be made of leather, cloth, soft rubber, plastic and variety of materials. They occur in different sizes specific to various cell phone models. Decorated pouches are extremely popular among women while men prefer classic leather ones. You can attach the pouch to your belt with a holster. Pouches can have zip or magnetic covers or can be flipped open.


We offer mobile pouches at wholesale prices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kerala and other cities. We are wholesale suppliers, traders for mobile pouches in Mumbai, India.



Magnetic holders for Cell Phone car Dashboard. wholesale in India

New  Wholesale Magnetic holders for Cell Phone car Dashboard in India. We are also suppliers of bulk mobile phone holder for car.

Car Magnetic holders are specially designed for Cell Phone used in office and car Dashboard.  Contact us for bulk enquiries only.

Good quality wholesale power bank in Mumbai

Power bank wholesale

Wholesale Power bank suppliers in Mumbai and Mobile Power Bank Phone Chargers, power bank india   Power bank is a device that enables you to charge your mobile phone or tablet on the go. You can just connect your phone to the power bank and get it charged when you are traveling, camping or are outing.


We are suppliers and dealers manufacturers of bulk power bank in Mumbai, India Power bank phone chargers come in various shapes, sizes and capacities including the latest type c power bank in India.

There are compact portable chargers that can be carried in your purse while there are others that are bulky. When buying a power bank phone charger, you need to consider some important specifications. The power or capacity of the charger is extremely important. This decides the performance of the charger. A charger with high mAh capacity can charge more cycles for a mobile phone.The warranty period of the power bank and its technical specifications are also important. Some power banks operate on solar energy and thus can save electricity. Power banks usually come along with USB cables and can contain one or two ports. For those with two ports, you can simultaneously charge two cell phones.   Credit Card Power Bank – Buy Ultra Slim Card power banks wholesale in Mumbai Ultra Slim Card power bank wholesale in India A Ultra Slim Card power bank. credit card power bank comes in the shape of a credit card with an attached USB cable that can be folded inside and has a micro USB port to charge your smart phone. It is extremely light in weight and can range in capacity from 2000 to almost 5000 mAh.The battery of this power bank is made up of ultra thin lithium polymer material. Some of them have an LED indicator that shows that the battery is being charged.



You can buy wholesale credit card power banks in Mumbai from us at best prices and good quality…..from us You can buy in wholesale 2600 mah Ultra Slim Card Power Bank / Portable External Battery Chargers for Samsung Xiaomi iPhone + Adapter at low prices in Mumbai, India The advantages of the slim power bank are that it is light in weight and can be carried easily as it is similar to a credit card. As a result, you can give it as a gift, either professional or personal.Credit card power banks also occur in a credit card shape case. The power bank is a high end one and is enclosed in a case that provides space to keep your credit or business cards. This is also convenient.  Similar to any other power bank, you need to verify the technical specifications of the power bank before you buy one. We are cheap power bank suppliers in Mumbai and pune at low prices.   Portable Solar Phone Charger – A solar phone charger is the one that operates on solar energy. You are not required to charge this phone on electric power. This saves electricity and thus is economical. The solar phone charger occurs in various sizes and capacities. Accordingly, you need to keep your charger equipped with solar energy for use. This charging cycle varies in various models and you need to understand the process before you buy it. Solar phone chargers occur in various shapes and sizes that are attractive. Before buying a solar charger, you need to understand the process to charge the charger as well as that to charge your phone. Some chargers have higher capacity and can charge up to two cycles of your phone if they have sufficient energy. Some solar chargers also have LED indicators that enable you to understand that the charging process is on. We are importers, dealers and traders of solar phone chargers in Mumbai.If you compare a solar charger with that of an electric one, both have their pros and cons. Their dependency on respective energy makes their functions specific. Some solar chargers with high capacities can be used to charge devices like tablets and cameras as well. Power bank Wholesale suppliers in Mumbai India Call us for Bulk purchase best prices for Ultra Slim Card Power Bank Mobile Powerbank wholesale Portable External Battery Charger for Samsung Xiaomi iPhones in India Power Bank 12000mAh Portable Chargers at discount  wholesale bulk purchase of Powerbank USB External Battery Backup Battery for mobile



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wholesale card pen drive mumbai

Pen drive wholesale

Pen drive wholesale distributors in Mumbai   Credit card pen drive has a USB and a wide space like that of a credit card that provides you ample space for marketing your brand or company. We are wholesale suppliers and dealers of pen drives in Mumbai, India.  These contain Original Taiwan UDP chips.  The wide space on the card pendrive can be used to digital print or etch the company logo along with a message and a few image.  These can be made available in data storage capacity of 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. We also are supplier of usb type c flash drive in India. You can select and buy it in bulk quantity at wholesale prices to present to your employees, clients, or vendors during a seminar, conference meeting, or any other special occasion. You can get customized credit card pen drives for as per your needs.

pendrive wholesale india

Branding and promotion is made simpler with the credit card pen drives. Though there are several options that can be presented to your clients and employees on festive and other corporate occasions, a pen drive is the best a person can receive. A credit card pen drive is high on style and functionality. As leading suppliers of good quality original dual usb drive, pendrives in Mumbai, We have a huge catalog of wholesale pen drive, keychain drives, key drives, USB sticks, flash sticks, jump sticks, USB keys or memory keys. credit card pendrive india supplier   The best selling product is the credit card pen drive, which has a stylish design and is a popular in the Indian market. What makes it unique and mot demanded is its structured. This pen drive is thin, wide, and looks like a credit card, which makes it easy to carry in your wallet along with other cards. We are credit card pen drive manufacturers in Mumbai.Pen drives have become a necessity in personal and professional lives. With so much of data transfer involved, it is not possible to restrict yourself to the desktop or laptop. When data needs to be carried around, a pen drive becomes handy. Pen drives come in various attractive shapes and sizes, including the latest type c pen drive in India. These are compact and easy to carry. The type of flash drive can be determined by its capacity and performance. We are wholesale of card shape flash drive, pen drive dealers, and traders in Mumbai, India. We deal in Visiting card pen drives. The credit card pen drive is a brilliant idea for professionals. This one looks exactly like a credit card and has a USB attached to it. You can thus place it in a card holder or in your wallet and carry it in your purse or pocket. The design of the credit card provides scope for innovation where you can design your brand information or logo. Thus it can be used as a great promotional gift as well. The technical specifications differ with brands and designs. The card pen drives are also available with password protection. You can also select ones that provide flexibility of selecting the color and design of the cover.
 We are suppliers of card USB flash drive at wholesale prices in India. wholesale card pendrive shell cover case box in India


Wide range of pen drive boxes, shells and covers at wholesale price in India   It has a USB slot that comes out. You can buy it from our company, we have a variety of other dual usb drive type-c for sale at wholesale prices. Pen drive is the most assorted item. It is highly demanded in the corporate world. This customized pen drive is highly functional as people receiving it can store their important data wherever they want. It is light in weight and compact in size, which makes it perfect to carry in your pocket or in the smallest compartment of your bag. Swivel pen drives – Custom swivel pen drives feature a minimalistic design yet boast a stylish look. These have a swiveling body with the USB intact, which makes it easy to use. You can customize the color according to the theme color of the company. Also, you can print, etch, or emboss the company logo on the pen swiveling pen drive and create brand awareness among the users. You can select from our catalog the various designs and storage capacity of this device. It is available in 2 GB, 4 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB storage capacity. We are sandisk distributor in mumbai and dealers of wholesale custom swivel pen drives, sandisk ultra dual 8gb, 16 gb, 64gb 3.0 on-the-go pendrives, sandisk dual usb drive type-c, and newest dual-standard USB drive – the Data Traveler micro Duo 3C USB drive Mumbai India.We provide high quality branded and low cost pen drives that will fit in your budget and serve the purpose.