Mobile Flip Cover

The flip cover is the type of mobile cover that has a hard cover that protects the back of your mobile phone and a flip layer in the front that helps you to operate the mobile and make and receive calls. Flip covers are made up of leather, rubber and various materials. The back is usually supported by a hard layer and foam that keeps it stiff. The flip in the front portion is usually attached by a magnet that keeps it fixed when not in use. In some varieties, you can keep the flip cover on when speaking on a call as the microphone and speaker can be used. The flip cover can be attached to the belt by using a holster and offers great convenience.

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Waterproof phone cases

Waterproof phone case india

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The interesting features of these mobile covers include :
Nano waterproof system
Shock proof,water proof,dust proof
Waterproof plug resonance membrane
Touch friendly.

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