Mobile Flip Cover

The flip covers for mobile phones occur in exciting varieties. They can be made up of plastic, leather or any other synthetic material. A flip cover holds your mobile phone on a secure base with a top cover that can be flipped horizontally or vertically to see the display screen. Flip covers protect your display screen from external damage and dust and also save the trouble of inserting and removing the mobile phone as in the closed covers. We provide mobile cover at wholesale prices in Mumbai.
Some varieties of flip covers have a play through design where you can take the calls with the cover open or closed. Certain designs help you view the incoming calls and messages through a display slit. We are mobile phone cover manufacturers in India.

Flip covers are specific to the brand and model of your cell phone. You can buy them in various colors and designs. There are bright funky designs as well as simple ones too. We are mobile cover wholesalers in India and provide latest designs of mobile flip covers.