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Pen drives are available in various shapes, one of the popular ones being that of a key, and can be bought very easily around the city. The popular key shaped custom flash drive is available in wholesale with us in Mumbai, India Our computers and our laptops are quite possibly the most important electronic gadgets in our possession. While we prefer using our mobile phones more for other work related issues, it is ultimately our personal monitor based devices that help us out in a more simplified manner. We can do a lot of work on our laptops and PCs that would be far more tedious to finish off using our cell phones. But along with work, our monitors are also very good to enjoy leisurely activities such as listening to music, playing online games and watching a TV show or movie. Since the screen is bigger than that of a mobile, it is more convenient and fun. To enjoy any of the above mentioned, a computer needs storage devices. Many times, we may need to transfer files from one computer or laptop to another. A pen drive is the best option for the same. This is where our usb drives come to our rescue.

We do have Contemporary range of key shape pen drivecan be used for a multitude of transfers. We do have USB Pen drives that have different storage capacity and you are complete freedom to choose them as per your needs and convenience. Contact us for logo Promotional Key Shaped Usb , customized logo key shape bulk pen drives in 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb usb etc – Wholesale in Mumbai
They can also be connected to mobiles using a certain wire, but that is just to view files on the pendrive in the cell phone, not for transfer. It still makes watching movies while travelling much easier than having to download them in your cell phone and taking up memory.